Friday, 31 May 2013

Foodication | Is Donburi

Is Donburi is a little Japanese cafe / restaurant on William St in Northbridge. I saw a few blogposts on it before and was extremely keen on trying it out. The blogs that I read it from is actually The Foodpornographer and JujiChews. I love their blogs, its like a daily visit for me. 

Is Donburi has very limited seating and I'm unsure if you're able to reserve. (I'm pretty sure you are able to as I went back and they had a few tables reserved, but don't quote me.) The first time I went was for my dad's birthday. He enjoys Japanese but he also wants a filling meal, so I thought, why not somewhere that gives him both. 

They are not shy on their portion-size, but its not overkill either. I find that it's the perfect amount, but for my mum who eats quite little, its too much. The first time we went, we had sashimi, sushi and we each had our own meal as well. We thoroughly enjoyed the sashimi and the sushi, with both being incredibly fresh and flavourful. Our own meals were amazing as well, and for 6 dishes between the five of us, it only cost between $100-$120. Excellent price for excellent dishes. 

Second time round, I went with my sister and mum. We had a meal each and ordered smoked salmon and takoyaki balls to share. That smoked salmon sushi IS.THE.BEST.THING.EVER. 

When we put it in our mouths and chewed, We were mind blown at how much flavour was packed into that sushi, but it doesn't over power the salmon. From now on, that is a must order each time we go.

Is Donburi is my favourite place to go and eat Japanese now, and we can have waffles after! 


Is Donburi

10/189 William St 
Northbridge WA

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