Monday, 13 May 2013

Globe-trotting | Singapore 2012-2013

Singapore was, as always, amazing, exciting, refreshing and ever-changing, I went back for two short weeks, and although it went by at a decent pace, I came back to Australia wanting more. I might make another trip back this year, just to experience more food-comas and shopping crazes that I go through when I go back.

And Starbucks, always for Starbucks.

places I visited (In the video):

Bedok marketplace
Somewhere close to Marina Bay
Ion Shopping Centre
Along Orchard Rd
Christmas Tree in Ngee Ann City
Takopachi Takoyaki in Ngee Ann City
Train from Vivo City to Sentosa
Universal Studios Singapore
Queuing up for the Transformers Ride
Driving along Orchard Rd

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