Monday, 15 July 2013

Tips | Dried out MAC Paint Pot

I had a few MAC paint pots sitting at home that dried out, so using the theory that heat will melt it, I decided to try it out.

If the photos aren't straightforward enough, here are the steps:

You'll Need:

Glad Wrap
paper towels
hot water (just boiled)
the paint pot/s that are dried out

1) I cut out a piece of glad wrap that is big enough to wrap around the entire paint pot and cover the bottom as well. cover the paint pot with the glad wrap without the lid, then screw the lid back on (Screws on fine with the glad wrap)

2) pour the hot water into the bowl (you can choose to put the paint pot in first) and stop when the water is in line with the bottom of the lid.

3) leave it for about 2-5 minutes (depending on how dried out it is)

4) take it out of the water onto a paper towel,  unscrew the lid, turn the paint pot upside down onto a clean paper towel, and dry the insides of the lid

5) remove the glad wrap and test the paint pot with a clean finger or brush
(If it needs to be in the water for longer, use a new piece of glad wrap)

6) The paint pot should be back to its former glory.

tips & concerns:

The paint pot itself is a glass container so hot water should not have any problems.

I have only tried it on MAC paint pots, I do not know if it would work with a plastic container

In the photos I wrapped the lid as well, but I find that it works just fine without wrapping the lid, just remember to wipe any water that might have got in.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment! I will reply as soon as possible!


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