Monday, 30 June 2014

Food-iing | Noodle Forum

Noodle Forum at Equus Retail Arcade opened up quite a while ago but I didn't manage to go visit them till recently. The shop is quite small with a bar type sitting and normal tables. When you walk further up into the Arcade, there is usually the chef making the noodles, using a long and thick wooden stick. 
I had the normal wonton noodles, while the boy had the Laksa spicy soup version. He went there before with his family and really enjoyed it so we went together. He did mention that the prawns are smaller than when he first went (This was when they first opened) but that's minor detail. 
I enjoyed the soup and the noodles, and the inclusion of two pieces of fried wonton skin is a nice touch. Will be back to try different things on their menu!


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