Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Review | Let's MUK Around

I recently got tired of my curling irons with clips on them, they were great, but I haven't got much use out of them recently. I'm lazy. 

I decided to do some researching into clipless curling iron and I actually had my eye on the Babyliss Pro 19 to 25mm curling iron, but the single iron was $89.95, so I continued my hunt for one that has good reviews and is also affordable me. 

I came across a blog post that was comparing different clipless curling irons and it mentioned MUK Curl Sticks. I have not come across these before so I went on Youtube to check it out. There were only two to three videos mentioning this curling iron, and no actual reviews. The mentions were pretty positive, so I decided to go to the shops to see if they had these in stock, and at $99.95 for three different sizes, (11-19mm, 19-25mm, 25mm) I was pretty keen.

I went to Hairhouse Warehouse first, and they had a set of their MUK Style Stick and MUK Curl Sticks for $159.95. It was a very good deal, but I already own a GHD so I did not see the need for another Straightener.

 I continued on to Price Attack and they had one last set there. I was happy with it and I bought it, and happily brought it home. 
I was super excited so once I got home and popped myself down and opened it, playing around with it straight away. I decided to start with the 19-25mm so I sprayed heat protectant, sectioned my hair and curled away.

It has three heat settings, lowest on 130 degrees celcius, middle at 170 and highest at 230. It heated up so fast and I only had it on 170 degrees. I only had to hold my hair for about 5-10 seconds for each section and it took me about 15-20 minutes for my whole head. If I used my normal curling iron, it would take me almost 30-35 minutes, which is why I usually only curl the bottom. 

In the last photo, you can see the curls and these photos were taken about 4-5 hours after I curled it. It stayed for so long and no hairspray in it either!

Super happy with this curling iron and I think I will retire my old ones! 


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