Monday, 28 July 2014

Food-iing | Harvest Espresso

Sunday Brunches could possibly be the best thing ever, and with places like Harvest Espresso, it makes it even better. 

We met up with a couple of friends, and  having heard of Harvest Espresso, I was excited that it was the destination chosen. In hindsight, we should have researched for places big enough for tables of 6, however we made do with sitting outside, the waitresses giving us two tables to pull together. 

There were a few different dishes on the menu that day, but I decided for something safe, with Chicken and Winter Vegetables Sandwich, others had the Salmon Gravlax, Mushroom Omelette (Not pictured) and Full Breakfast. Drinks were Iced and Hot Matcha Lattes, Chais and Lattes. 

Harvest Espresso lives up to its hype, but with such a small cafe, groups bigger than 4 is really not recommended. 


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