Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Foodication | Mr. Munchies

I heard of Mr. Munchies Sushi many times from Pale Division / Willabelle Ong and really wanted to try it out for myself. So one night when we got lazy to cook, we headed out to the Sushi place that is inside the same alley way as Grill'd Burgers on Beaufort St.

The first thing that caught my eye was the mix of decoration around the place. Three doors hung from the wall on the right, Godzilla and Astro Boys adorned the wall to the left, colourful chairs and interesting lighting, I was hooked.

The next important thing is of course, the food.

We ordered a mix of sushi and a DIY salad to try out their menu and there were some yays and some nays.

To be fair, the nay was the salad, and because it was DIY, I can't really blame the chef. (It would be great if they had suggestions for the salad, like this goes good with that, blah blah)

The yays were of course the sushi. I really enjoyed the salmon and cream cheese sushi, that was my favourite, and the prawn/tuna/saffron mix was really amazing too. (Apologies for the description, I forgot the names!)

My mum wasn't too keen on how big each bite was as there was a lot of ingredients in each piece, but I don't mind it, as long as you are ok with taking huge bites (As it tastes better eating it as a whole)

Overall, a good experience, and I will be back.


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