Monday, 12 May 2014

Food-iing | Ciao Italia

Having been to Ciao Italia many times before this review, I have been slacking in the "review" department. I say review with inverted commas due to me not being a critique of any kind, with that said, lets get into it.

I was introduced to Ciao Italia by a few friends and have been back many times for birthdays and  random obsessions with Italian food. This group of photos was taken from the latter, when my sister asked to have Italian food constantly till we caved. 

With no bookings allowed, you can expect people to start queuing as early as 4.00pm when they open at 5.00pm. They are also closed on Sundays and Mondays, so don't make the same mistake that I did and waiting for 30 minutes on a Monday then checking to realise that I was not going to get any Italian that day.

Their specials are usually always the Black Ink Pasta with either a red or white sauce (which is something we will definitely order) and Chilli Mussels is a crowd favourite. I'm not a big fan of their pizzas, but with that said, they have a nice crust and they aren't too shy on ingredients. 

We love their Tiramisu, but felt like their strawberry tart that day, both of which are delicious albeit a little filling after 2 pastas, a pizza and a huge bowl of chilli mussels. 

A family favourite for many I'm sure, but definitely prepare to wait for a while if you don't get there early. 

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273 Mill Point Rd
South Perth WA 6151


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