Thursday, 7 February 2013

Foodication | Sayers

Sayers in Leederville has a vibe where it brings me back to the cafes in Melbourne, and lets me momentarily forget I am in Perth. I personally really love the decor of Sayers with their mismatched frames and giant mirror sitting on the main wall. 

When you go order the dishes, there is a counter full of quiches, cakes and slices that are just enticing you to consider dessert. I'm not sure, but I think the selection changes each day. The same thing can be said for the menu. Our friend that brought us there was hoping that his favourite dish will be on the menu that day, however it was an entirely new selection. 

 The dish that i got, which was the poached eggs with spinach, bacon, rocket and a side of potato cake was a reasonable porportion, I enjoyed the lightly cooked spinach with the rocket, and the eggs were wonderfully poached.Only downside was the seating, which is a little tight for our group of six, so maybe it would be better for a couple, or maximum of four. 

I had an excellent experience there and I would definitely return for their quiches and cakes which I missed out on this time round.

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